Spring 2016

19016442665_efa66f3e1d_oWho doesn’t like spring? It is the season in which many of us who live in cold weather climates long for, the promise that winter is over and the long stretch of seasonable temperatures is about to launch. Spring symbolizes hope – a new beginning, new opportunities, freshness, and growth. Hmmm, it looks like HAVEN and spring have a lot in common!

Several years ago I received a note from a rape survivor who once had received counseling at HAVEN. In the note, she shared a portion of her story and stated that she begrudgingly came to HAVEN and only did so to “get her family off her back”. Her plan had been to just move forward and work hard, on her own, to forget that the rape had ever occurred. Instead she made a deal with her sister that she would come to HAVEN twice. And then she stayed for nearly a year, attending a survivor support group and individual counseling.

She shared how she found hope for her future, a future where the rape would not define her. She shared she was amazed to find other women who had similar fears and feelings. Through this group experience she said she grew as a person and walked away even stronger than she had possibly been prior to the assault. She thanked HAVEN for helping her to find her way and giving her a new beginning to life.

That is what HAVEN is all about – new beginnings. We aren’t here to tell people what do to and how to feel, nor do we have a magic wand to make life better. Our role is to provide a safe place to be heard and resources for survivors to find their path.

If you have been thinking about reaching out for help, take that first step and call our crisis and support line (248-334-1274) and learn more about the resources and support available. Start to work toward your own new fresh start with steps small or large. We are here.




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