Their Impact is Great


Having a best friend is invaluable, someone to have in your corner – to share the ups and downs of life, to imagine the future, to motivate change, to grieve losses, and to celebrate successes.

Like an individual, HAVEN is fortunate to have a flock of BFF’s – folks who share, who give, who make a difference in the life of our organization and therefore the lives of community members. Today, in conjunction with National Best Friend Day, we salute some of our best friends.

Carole Winnard Brumm – Carole has been a volunteer at HAVEN for more than 10 years, serving as a committee member and chair of our annual Gala and then joining the HAVEN Board of Directors. Carole is now serving as our Board Chair, as well as providing leadership and guidance on a number of committees and participating in many of our activities. As a best friend, she demonstrates her dedication to the organization as a true ambassador, securing the support of others and pushing up her sleeves for the good of the cause.

Kelly Mays volunteers in our Survivor’s Speaker Bureau. She is particularly passionate about her advocacy work because it has been a source of healing and inspiration for her. She hopes to inspire other survivors to find their voice and tell their story. Kelly is a slam poet and uses her poetry as a vehicle to raise awareness on domestic violence. She describes her daughters as the greatest poems ever written!

Ed Cassel has served as a Crisis and Support Line volunteer since May 2013. His supervisor states, “Ed truly cares about the people he works with on the phone, expressing empathy for them and their situation.” In addition to volunteering weekly at HAVEN, Ed continues to serve as a volunteer working with hospitalized children.

Bhushan Nagarajan has been volunteering with the children residing at our Residential Program for the past three years. A recent college graduate, he felt compelled to volunteer and “give something back to this society.” The children, young and old alike, gather around him with happy smiles!

Jody Chessman has served as a volunteer at HAVEN in many capacities since January 2011. She lends a hand wherever help is needed. Jody has played with and watched children while their parent is receiving counseling, she serves at the reception desk, helps at fundraisers, and volunteers at our special events. All this while also volunteering at area hospitals helping new babies and parents adjust to parenthood!

From corporate leaders, to college students, to retirees, to your next door neighbor – HAVEN has the good fortunate to literally list these wonderful supporters and hundreds others as our BFF. Their contributions are many and their impact is great. We can’t imagine our work without them! Thank you.

Click here to learn more about volunteering at HAVEN. 


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