It’s Only a Hill…

You have an opportunity for permanent recognition.

Plant the Seeds of Hope Recognition Wall

It’s only a hill. One mile at a time. It’s only a hill. One mile at a time. It’s only…

As I lumbered up Tienken Road in Rochester, this mantra was critical in my ability to complete my first, as well as, subsequent Brooksie Way Half Marathon races. Thinking about the smiling, supportive and familiar faces waiting for me at the finish line also helped keep me focused.

Raising the funds needed to create HAVEN’s new home has had a similar feel, one donor and one dollar at time. And now we have reached our “hill”, the final stretch of funds to raise. Having raised $4.65 million to-date, we are down to our final push for $350,000. And just like my need to have my family cheer me on during my final couple of miles, we need you to help push us forward to the finish line.

We are excited to launch our Plant the Seeds of Hope Recognition Wall, a place for community members to demonstrate support for our mission to eliminate domestic and sexual violence. In addition to raising needed funds, this wall will be a symbol of strength and support for the thousands of survivors HAVEN will serve each year.

I recall a woman in our counseling program once telling me that she felt as if the entire community was supporting her, not just HAVEN, when she realized how many individuals and community organitizations made contributions to support our services. She had always felt alone, ashamed and embarrassed but because of the efforts of so many, she said she would never feel alone again.

Our Recognition Wall will allow many to feel empowered, while it is prominently featured in our multi-purpose room and viewed not only by the survivors we serve but by other members of our community. What a wonderful visual depiction of how many people back this important work!

So as we near the finish line, please take action and join others to create momentum for us during this critical time. You may even consider enlisting family members or friends to share a leaf with you or secure one of their own. Each and every leaf on the wall, no matter the actual value, will be invaluable in helping others Live Without Fear.

And remember, as the quote by Margaret Meade that will sit atop the wall reminds us, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

Click here to see available donation levels, leaf colors or to reserve your leaf.


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