Let the Comparisons Stop

Yes, women can be the perpetrators of domestic violence. With that out of the way, I am tired of many on social media comparing the violent act of Solange Knowles against Jay Z with the violence of Chris Brown against Rihanna.

Let’s start with the definition of domestic violence:  a pattern of abusive behaviors including a wide range of physical, sexual, and psychological maltreatment used by one person in an intimate relationship against another to gain power unfairly or maintain that person’s misuse of power, control, and authority.

In viewing the grainy video of the assault, it seems rather clear that the issue of power and control is not at play. Is Knowles attempting to achieve power and control over Jay Z? Is he in fear of Knowles? I seriously doubt it.

In comparison, did Chris Brown try to achieve and maintain power and control over Rihanna? Was she fearful of him? Was his abusive behavior a repeated pattern of behavior? All indicators from court testimony and statements given by those involved – yes.

So let the comparisons stop.

I do not condone the violent act Solange Knowles chose to commit. But please, stop calling it domestic violence. There is no double standard in this case. The conversation of linking these two cases together minimizes the crime of domestic violence and its lifelong impact on survivors.


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