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This week, April 6-12, is National Volunteer Week. It’s a time to formally celebrate and praise the contributions made by the Volunteers, members of the Speaker’s Bureau and Interns that provide service to HAVEN all year round.

Our volunteers support our organization in a wide variety of programs, and contribute in many ways. Here’s an overview of their impact:

Administrative & Support – Volunteers act as HAVEN ambassadors in the community and keep HAVEN moving forward by providing critical support services. They help with fundraising, office work, donation collection, display tables, maintenance projects and other important tasks.

Children’s Activities – These volunteers share their joy of crafting, story-telling and playing games! They help with taking children on field trips, watching our client’s children so they can attend their counseling session, tutoring school-age children and offering mentoring to children of all ages.

Community Volunteers – Assist with special projects such cultivating our large vegetable garden, cleaning and painting at the Shelter or START house, providing special services for shelter residents (providing home cooked meals or treats, movie night, spa night, craft projects and more). Our community volunteers provide essential donations to keep the Residential and START programs running on a day-to-day basis.

Crisis & Support Line – These volunteers are the first line of contact for people seeking HAVEN services. Volunteers work on the 24-hour crisis line, answering calls from people in the community, listening to stories and offering community resources.

Residential – Our Residential Program volunteers keep our shelter running by providing direct assistance to residents and shelter staff. They share skills, strength and support to help survivors with their daily living needs.

Social Action – These volunteers provide compassion and reassurance during a crisis. Volunteers meet survivors in the moments after an assault, offering on-call crisis intervention to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault at Oakland County hospitals, police departments, and HAVEN START (sexual assault survivors) program.

Speaker’s Bureau – Survivors of domestic and sexual assault volunteer their time to share their personal experiences living with domestic and/or sexual assault. They add a personal dimension and highlight the complex nature of abusive relationships.

These descriptions do not truly capture the essence of the work that each and every volunteer contributes towards the mission of ending domestic and sexual violence. They are selflessly dedicated to making a difference and enriching the lives of survivors and their families. Our volunteers help us bring about real change in the lives of those we serve. And because of that we are grateful and celebrate each of you!

Interested in joining the HAVEN team as a volunteer?  We can use your help. Click here for more information.



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