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This week (April 21-27, 2013) is National Volunteer Week.  A week set aside to encourage community engagement to create positive impact. At HAVEN we’d like to do more than just encourage.

First, we’d like to shout our gratitude from the rooftops for those that currently support our cause.  The volunteers and interns that have joined our organization to drive important social change deserve a rousing round of applause.  They give of themselves to enrich the lives of survivors and their families.

Our supporters work tirelessly to help end domestic violence and sexual assault and to provide treatment and prevention services to our clients.  Thank you to each of YOU for your dedication and the time you give so selflessly.  Your service to the HAVEN community is simply awesome!

And for those of you who are looking to make your mark, please contact HAVEN at (248) 334-1284.  Volunteers and Intern positions* are available in a wide variety of programs, including:

Community VolunteersAssist programs with special projects, such as cultivating our vegetable garden, cleaning and painting the shelter or START house, and providing special services for shelter residents including, home cooked meals or treats, movie night, spa night, craft projects and more. Our community volunteers provide essential donations to keep the Residential and START programs running on a day-to-day basis.

Administrative – Volunteers and interns act as HAVEN ambassadors in the community and keep HAVEN moving forward by providing critical support services. They help with fundraising, office work, donation collection, display tables, maintenance projects and other important tasks.

Children’s Volunteer/Mentor – Take children in the Residential Program on field trips and help with other activities, provide tutoring to school-age children, and mentoring to children of all ages. This position requires a weekly commitment on a regular, flexible schedule for two – four hours.

Child Watch – Provide a fun and safe environment for children of all ages while their parent receives counseling services. This position requires a regularly scheduled weekly commitment and/or assistance on an as-needed basis, typically in the evening from 5:45-8:15 p.m.

Counseling – Volunteers and interns in this program must have a masters’ degree in a related field. They plan and facilitate individual and group counseling sessions for adult and child survivors. This position requires four hours per week, shifts are available Monday – Friday daytime or evening.

Crisis & Support Line – Do people always seem to tell you their story?  We urgently need volunteers and interns willing to be the first line of contact for people seeking HAVEN services.  Volunteers answer calls from people in the community, listening to stories and offering community resources.  This position requires four hours per week, shifts are available Monday – Saturday daytime or evening.

PPO Office Volunteer – Make the court process less intimidating for those seeking restraining orders.  Provide assistance and support to survivors of domestic violence, stalking, and physical abuse. Volunteers educate clients on procedures involved in obtaining a personal protection order. No legal experience is needed for this position. This position requires four hours per week, shifts are available Monday – Friday during the day.

Prevention Education – Teach others how to join the effort to stop violence and educate all ages on preventing interpersonal violence. Volunteers and interns present information to adults and teen groups about domestic/dating violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and child abuse. Volunteers are required to commit to three events per month from September 1- November 15, and two events per month from March 1 – May 31. This program requires that you previously spent one year in another Direct Service Program (interns may start immediately).

Residential Volunteer – Can you imagine what it would be like to have to flee your home?  Keep our shelter running by providing direct assistance to residents.  Share your skills, strength and support. Volunteers and interns help survivors in the Residential Program with their daily living needs. This position requires a weekly four-hour commitment with flexible availability.

Social Action – Are you compassionate, calm and reassuring during a crisis?  We urgently need volunteers who are willing to meet survivors in the moments after an assault. Volunteers and interns offer on-call crisis intervention to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault at Oakland County hospitals, police departments, and HAVEN START program. This position requires you to be on-call 48 hours per month. Scheduling is flexible but requires you to be on-call between Friday evening and Sunday evening. You must live in or near Oakland County and have a car and a driver’s license.

*Please Note: All volunteers and interns receive comprehensive training and on-going supervision from HAVEN staff. Internship hour requirements will be more extensive than volunteer hours (based on school and agency requirements).


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