Vote for HAVEN to win a grant!

HAVEN is in the running for a grant of $10,000, $15,000 or $25,000 in the Art Van Charity Challenge. Voting starts today at

The entire process will only take a few minutes and you can only vote ONE TIME throughout the entire contest. Every vote counts! Voting ends May 31, with the top three charities with the most votes will be awarded the grants.

Please take a few minutes to vote for HAVEN and encourage others to do the same. Every vote counts!

Here’s a walk-through of the process:

You have to register to vote (this is how it verifies that you only vote one time.) Click “register”

Fill out your information and click “register.” You will be emailed a registration link within 1-2 minutes.

Click on the link to verify your email and you will see this pop-up in your Internet window:

Click on the vote button where you will use the login you just created. After you login, you’ll see a large list of the organizations up for the grant. Scroll down for HAVEN.

Select the check box next to HAVEN and scroll down.

Fill in the Capcha code (to verify you are indeed a person) and click vote.

Thank you for voting for HAVEN! Please share the voting information with your friends and family. If you have a Facebook page, you can share the link we’ve posted their with your entire friends list.

Thank you for your support!


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