HAVEN Prevention Education Team launches new project, UpRoot

UpRoot is the online component of HAVEN’s Prevention Education team’s continued efforts to address the root causes of gender-based violence. HAVEN has a general blog and Facebook page, which discuss events, news, donations and more, relating to HAVEN overall. UpRoot specifically addresses ending gender-based violence, root causes, current events, and the information and commentary the Prevention Education team has to share.

“We started UpRoot to contribute to the larger discussion of ending gender-based violence. This is a global conversation, and the HAVEN Prevention Education team has important information and commentary to share on the issues. One of our largest goals is to make community responsibility for ending gender-based violence accessible, relatable and interesting on a broad scale,” said Cristy Cardinal, Director of Prevention Education.

Mark Nesbitt, Prevention Education Specialist said, “we hope that followers comment on posts and have active engagement with what we are saying. This is about applying HAVEN and our department’s message to our everyday lives, being the change we wish to see and inspiring others to do the same.”

Follow along with UpRoot on their blog, Facebook, and Twitter account, and join in the conversation.


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