Special thanks to the Oakland County Sheriff Department

(From left) Beth Morrison (HAVEN), Denise Leduc (Gleaners), Sheriff Bouchard, Sergeant Dooley, Deputy Wait

Special thanks go out to the Oakland County Sheriff Department (OCSD) for selecting HAVEN, along with Gleaners, as the recipient of their 2011 Frank Knasiak Golf Outing.  Under the leadership of Sargeant Dooley and Deputy Wait, the 28th year of this outing was a great success with HAVEN and Gleaners both receiving contributions of $5,000!

What made this check presentation even more remarkable are the strong partnerships between these 3 agencies – OCSD, Gleaners and HAVEN. A circle of giving and supporting.

HAVEN supports the OCSD in a number of ways but primarily through our First Response Advocates who assist OCSD deputies when they are working with a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault and with our START Program where the deputies can take a rape survivor for a forensic medical examination.  The Sheriff Department supports HAVEN in so many ways, by serving as a fiduciary for funding from the County Commissioners for the START program, providing leadership on various HAVEN related committees, assisting our advocates and other staff in meeting victim needs and keeping a close eye on our shelter in Pontiac. And now this wonderful financial contribution to HAVEN which will assist survivors needs in so many ways.

HAVEN and Gleaners also have a very special relationship which I think some may find surprising.  First, HAVEN receives food from Gleaners for our shelter, sometimes the food is free and sometimes we purchase it, but regardless of the method received, this partnership helps HAVEN to keep its food budget as low as possible.  Did you know that HAVEN serves approximately 50,000 meals per year?

And through HAVEN’s organic garden, we are able to support Pontiac residents via Gleaners.  Once we meet all of HAVEN’s needs for fresh produce, whatever produce we are unable to quickly consume, we donate to Gleaners for distribution in the Pontiac area.  Last year we donated approximately 650 pounds of produce to Gleaners.

Continued proof that with community support, partnerships and the generosity of others, organizations such as HAVEN are able to reach out and make a difference in the lives of so many.

Thanks Oakland County Sheriff’s Office and Gleaners for being great partners!


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