Lions’ fan hits girlfriend, judge jokes about abuse

Fan Jailed for Hitting Girlfriend over Lions’ Poor Performance, The Oakland Press headline reads.  The next article regarding this crime will probably read something like – Girlfriend Teased Fan about Loss and He Rightly Hits Her.

Can we stop sensationalizing intimate partner violence? Can we just call it what it is instead of making it all sound so cute and funny? Can we stop minimizing domestic violence, making it sound like a person just “lost it?”

Michael  Ottman is being held in the Macomb County Jail for punching his girlfriend in the face. A choice he made; a behavior he must be held fully accountable. Nothing funny there. He hit her.  Oh and let’s note, it was his second offense.  This story is not about the Lions, not about wins and losses but about a man abusing his partner.

And maybe instead of the judge stating (“in jest”): “We probably should make part of his bond condition that he shouldn’t watch the Lions games because apparently he can’t handle it,” could have stated how there is no tolerance for abusive behavior in his community and no tolerance in his courtroom for excuses.


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