Oakland County Coordinating Council Against Domestic Violence (OCCCADV) was formed in 1994 and consists of over 150 members representing more than 50 organizations. The purpose is to coordinate broad based community response to domestic violence in Oakland County.

On November 2, they hosted an awards ceremony to thank community members for their outstanding support of OCCADV. Here are some of the recipients:

Mark Halley was nominated by Margaret  Yellin of HAVEN for his involvement in HAVEN Teen Advisory Council as well as his individual prevention and awareness efforts at his local high school.

PAH!  (Partners Advocating for Healing), a collaboration between HAVEN, Deaf CAN and Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services, received an award for their work in ensuring Deaf survivors of domestic and sexual violence receive culturally sensitive and accessible services when seeking help.

Julie Ladwig, a member of HAVEN Survivor Speakers Bureau, received an award for the countless hours she has volunteered her time as a speaker to raise awareness and educate the community about domestic violence.

For more information about the OCCADV please visit http://www.domesticviolence.org/.


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