Take action to prevent domestic violence

By Beth Morrison, HAVEN CEO

Many believe that domestic violence is a private matter that happens behind closed doors. This belief, I’m sure, was shattered in Seal Beach, California after 8 people were killed and one critically injured as news reports indicate the shooter was the ex-husband of one of the victim.

Domestic violence impacts us all, in one way or another.  It is a financial drain to businesses and the health care industry.  It has a huge impact on law enforcement, educational system, coworkers and colleagues.  It changes lives forever.  We have all seen the statistics – 1 in 3 Michigan households are impacted by domestic violence, 1 in 4 women will be victimized during their lifetime.

In just the past 4 days, we have witnessed on the national news Topeka, Kansas deciding to reverse their decision to no longer prosecute domestic violence cases and then this horrific murder.  In Topeka, during the period of time they stopped prosecuting cases, 18 batterers were able to walk away from jail with no further accountability and 35 calls for help went unanswered.  That equals 53 abusive men getting a free pass and a clear message that domestic violence is acceptable in their community.  And 53 women received the message that their community doesn’t care.

Let’s take a stand here in our own local community.  We do care. We will hold batterer’s accountable. We will do whatever it takes to prevent a massacre from occurring.  Domestic Violence will NOT be tolerated here!  Be an active bystander, be an active citizen, and be a proactive friend, neighbor and colleague.  Visit our website to learn more about how you can become engaged and make a difference.

Do something today!


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