Profile of two START nurses

By Diane Zalecki, START Director

Nursing is often described as both an art and a science. It is a profession that embraces dedicated people with varied interests, strengths and passions. No more is this more evident than in HAVEN’s own START program.

HAVEN began the START program in 2002. Currently there are 11 nurses employed at START. All but one of the nurses are employed full-time or part-time at area hospitals in addition to fulfilling their work commitment at HAVEN. How well do you know HAVEN’s nurses? Here are two : Jeanine Jacopec and Chris Hotra.

Jeanine Jacopec is the Nurse Manager for the Emergency and Urgent Care Center for Doctor’s Hospital of Michigan in Pontiac. She in an RN and holds a BSN and resides in Davisburg. She has been with HAVEN for more than 6 years. When Jeanine responds to a START call she leaves at home her husband of 15 years, Dennis and three sons, Jacob (14 years old), Bryce (12 years old), Austin (5 years old) and 12-year-old Levi, a yellow lab. She continues to work at START because of the investigation part of the job and also because as an Emergency Nurse, she wants to be there for her patients who have had a traumatic life experience and she wants to help them through that experience.

Christine Hotra has been with START since 2003. She also is RN and holds a BSN in addition to certifications in Forensic Investigation, Legal Nurse Consultant, Medical Investigation and Homeland Security, SANE-A (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner for Adults and Adolescents) and is a Registered Death Investigation. With her children all grown, she and her husband reside in Troy. Chris works for HAVEN because she takes great comfort in knowing that HAVEN is there for sexual abused patients. She understands that the nurse examiner is in a unique position to listen to the patients and support them during this stressful time. She appreciates her position that allows her to help the patient by assessing their injuries and helping to obtain the evidence for investigation and prosecution. Most importantly, she values helping the patient regain precious sense of control.

These women are but two to nurses that work at START. All are devoted to providing the best care to their patients. We appreciate all the hard work they do!


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