Giving thanks to HAVEN’s volunteers and interns

By Belle Kleinberg Hornung, Volunteer, Intern & In-Kind Donations Coordinator

Two small words will never been enough to convey my feelings about HAVEN’s volunteers, but here they are: THANK YOU!

I feel truly honored to have the opportunity to meet, train and work with the volunteers at HAVEN.  As I write this, we’re in the middle of Volunteer Appreciation Month, but volunteers deserve our appreciation every month.  They are there on holidays, weekends, during the day and in the evening to help our clients and to support our staff.  There isn’t any pay and there’s very little prestige to volunteering – they do it because they are kind and generous and truly amazing.

HAVEN has about 100 volunteers who have gone through an application and training process and who help us with our work, both directly with our clients and indirectly in the office and on the grounds of our sites.  But there are a few volunteers who have stood out this year and who we had the chance to honor at our Volunteer/Intern Appreciation Banquet on April 14th.  Here’s a look at the award winners:

Volunteer of the Year: Tammy Betts

(HAVEN CEO Beth Morrison, Tammy Betts, Tracy Thomas, HAVEN’s Development Director and Belle Kleinberg Hornung)

President’s Award: Linda Voight and Sue Brown

(with Belle Kleinberg Hornung)

Longevity Awards: Kristi Christ, Rob Kleinberg, Alissa Terrell, Jill Vandercook, Lori Wathen

(Rob Kleinberg and Belle Kleinberg Hornung)

Counseling Program Outstanding Volunteer: Deb Chymiak-Isanhart

Prevention Education Outstanding Volunteer: Liz O’Malley

(with Belle Kleinberg Hornung)

Residential Program Outstanding Volunteer: Kyleen Young

Social Action Outstanding Volunteer: Kristi Christ

All of HAVEN’s volunteers deserve awards and accolades.  They are all special and they all do important work.  We thank them all.

We are always looking for more volunteers to add to our ranks.  We have opportunities to help us on a one-time basis or on-going.  For more information, please email me at


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