A Thank You Is Never Too Late

Thank you to the many people who supported HAVEN during the month of December. The entire agency was truly overwhelmed by your generosity.

I am especially grateful for the people who open their hearts and their dayplanners and volunteer their time. I am amazed that 220 people spent time the week before Christmas helping at our Gift Giveaway event and by the 12 different groups that hosted events for our shelter residents during the month of December. We realize that the holidays are a busy time for everyone and we are thankful for those who share that time with us.

But I hope you’ll keep us in mind the other 11 months of the year. We need volunteers to answer our Crisis and Support Line on cold February mornings, host bingo parties for the clients in our shelter on bright August afternoons, and babysit children while their moms attend counseling groups on dark October nights.

HAVEN has dozens of ways for you and your family to make a difference every single day of the year. We really need volunteers who can make a lasting commitment, but we’ll happily arrange for one-time opportunities as well. For more information on how to get involved, go to http://www.haven-oakland.org/ways-to-volunteer/or bkleinberg@haven-oakland.org. 


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