In Thanksgiving for Those Changing the World

It is so easy to get discouraged by what seems like the lack of empathy and compassion towards others. We live in such a divisive world where tolerance and acceptance is no longer the norm. We also have our “greatest generation” dying off in record numbers each day and the “sandwich generation” feeling more and more stressed and worried about our own future. All of this doom is followed up by a study released a few months ago reporting that the current generation of college age adults are the most apathetic in history.

Thankfully we have many engaged, inspiring and passionate individuals out there, people who are not willing to raise the white flag and surrender. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, while catching up on some reading, I was so excited and inspired to read these stories and want to share them with you.

They are amazing young women, doing amazing things and a fearless older woman not willing to be a bystander but to instead take a stand. May we all be inspired by their energy, drive, passion, compassion and dedication to helping others.



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