Do You Love the Skin You Are In?

Ok, I admit it I am as guilty as the majority of women. I am not fully comfortable with my body. I still have visions of being thin and still keep a pair of significantly too small jeans in my closet – just in case.

I have though come to point where the size of my clothes is less important to me than the condition of my heart and the other vital organs of my body. Health is starting to outweigh beauty. A sign of the times or possibly just a reality of reaching middle age, I hope it is the later but research has clearly shown that today’s young women are under the same pressure, if not more, as previous generations to have a small, thin, beautiful body.

Please join me and thousands of other women in the international “Love Your Body Day” on October 20. Educate others (especially our preteen girls), share some wisdom, have a discussion about misogyny in advertising, salute positive role models, and if nothing else make a personal pledge to work toward your own body acceptance.

Do you love the skin you are in as they say? Check out this link and take the quiz:

 – Beth Morrison



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