I just had the opportunity to nibble on some awesome organic lettuce and radishes while helping to harvest some vegetables at HAVEN’s garden.

Can you believe it is only June and we have already harvested over 450# of produce! This project is reaping many benefits – I wish you could have seen the most adorable 4 year old running around the garden and helping to pick beets! He was getting dirty, learning about real food sources, enjoying being outdoors and interacting with lots of positive people.

Want more proof? How about the moms all working together to teach each other how to cook greens. How about several HAVEN staff learning what a beet looks like before it ever hits a processed pickled beet can.

There are many colorful and delicious ways to point out the success of the HAVEN Garden Project. And no one can do that better than our garden partner Alexis Bogdanova-Hanna from the Michigan Young Farmers Coalition. Want to know more? – dig this great article http://askinyourface.com/2010/06/20/abundant-harvest-haven-garden-project-mid-june-perspectives/

The HAVEN Garden Project is a cooperative effort of the Michigan Young Farmers Coalition and HAVEN. Funding for this project has been made possible by the generosity of many in our community. To inquire about volunteer opportunities contact Belle Hornung at bhornung@haven-oakland.org or 248-334-1284 ext. 659.


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