Are You Ready to Take a Stand?

Murder – the too-often tragic outcome of a domestic violence relationship.

It is estimated that 3 women are killed each day in the US at the hands of an intimate partner. Carrie Seils and her son are now latest additions to the growing number of domestic violence homicides in the US and locally in metro-Detroit. Add to them the children and other loved ones, murdered or harmed in the process. Over 1000 American women are being killed. Not in Kabul- right here. Why aren’t we waging war on the terror and bloodshed inflicted daily on our friends and neighbors?

We need to call these acts what they are-domestic violence murders. It is time to stop labeling these homicides as “domestic disputes”. A domestic dispute is when I argue with my family about who takes out the garbage. Murder is murder. Battering is an assault. Abusing your intimate partner is a crime.

Domestic violence is everyone’s business. Domestic violence is a pattern of abuse in which an individual will do whatever it takes to gain and maintain power and control over another. As was witnessed at University of Virginia last week – this is a crime that impacts the wealthy as well as a struggling single mom such as Carrie Seils. It is a crime that doesn’t discriminate and one that often tragically ends in murder.

Remember just four years ago when Tara Lynn Grant was murdered? The community was outraged over the senselessness of the crime. What has changed? Are more people speaking out; is the system stronger; has funding for prevention education increased; are more community members volunteering and speaking out? Sadly, no. 
It is time to speak out. To stand up and start to hold batterers accountable. To surround victims with the support they need. It is time to insist that our children receive adequate and accurate information about gender respect.

Are you ready to take a stand?

We need your voice. Speak up against violence when you see it. Hold the media accountable when they minimize domestic violence. Speak out against racist, homophobic or sexist jokes. Don’t blame the victims. Get engaged – with your children’s school, with your community or with HAVEN. Visit to learn more.


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